Winston Salem child photographer | the Littles

This lovely family recently relocated to North Carolina from out of state, and I was fortunate enough to meet them for the first time back in April. During our first meet-up, in addition to talking about their ideas for their session, we discussed great local food (Community Arts Cafe on 4th St has a great burger), school schedule differences (North Carolina starts and ends later than their previous southern state, making for a long school year for R), and video games (J LOVES Luigi, and had just stolen his sister’s Nintendo DS after draining the battery on his). They had visited a LOT of local attractions already, and after some discussion we settled on Old Salem, near downtown Winston, for their hour-long session.

Winston Salem child photographer Liz Photography

We all had SO much fun walking around Old Salem with R & J, documenting their sibling bond! They are super silly together. J found a leaf he loved, and didn’t let it go for the entire session. See if you can spot it (or where it’s hidden) in every photograph! Plus, we got to explore some really cool parts of Old Salem and the Salem College campus, and make some of our own funny memories together.

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Winston Salem maternity photographer | Jessica, part II

We’re back, with one of our Birth to Birthday plan members, Jessica! In the first part of her maternity session, we spent time in the studio. After a quick clothing change, we decided to head outside for a downtown Winston Salem portrait session! It’s not often that you get a 75 degree day in mid-March, even in North Carolina. We’ll take it!

Winston Salem photographer maternity mom

I found a shady spot that would still give us peeks of the afternoon sun. Can you guess where she’s posing, from the clues around her? Here’s a hint: it’s a place you would likely find in every major city. The location, paired with Jessica’s outfit choices, are perfection together! Rust and metal and light, and a beautiful mom-to-be looking her best!

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Winston Salem child photographer | Gabriel, part II

When you’re looking for high impact, look no further than the season of fall — bright colors, crisp weather, and lots of gorgeous Carolina partly cloudy skies. When we last saw this spunky two year old, he was just hours shy of his first big boy haircut, which is a major milestone for a little guy! The wind was a little chilly on this fall day, but we braved the blustery weather to play with Gabriel at one of my favorite Winston Salem locations.

Winston Salem child photographer Liz Photography goes to the park

Isn’t his new hair cut adorable? The wind kept blowing his newly shorn locks around, though, so we made it a little more bearable with a fun hat! I’m so glad we were able to split his custom session into both studio and on-location — it really is a great way to maximize your session, and is easily doable in the same day.

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