Winston Salem child photographer | the Littles

This lovely family recently relocated to North Carolina from out of state, and I was fortunate enough to meet them for the first time back in April. During our first meet-up, in addition to talking about their ideas for their session, we discussed great local food (Community Arts Cafe on 4th St has a great burger), school schedule differences (North Carolina starts and ends later than their previous southern state, making for a long school year for R), and video games (J LOVES Luigi, and had just stolen his sister’s Nintendo DS after draining the battery on his). They had visited a LOT of local attractions already, and after some discussion we settled on Old Salem, near downtown Winston, for their hour-long session.

Winston Salem child photographer Liz Photography

We all had SO much fun walking around Old Salem with R & J, documenting their sibling bond! They are super silly together. J found a leaf he loved, and didn’t let it go for the entire session. See if you can spot it (or where it’s hidden) in every photograph! Plus, we got to explore some really cool parts of Old Salem and the Salem College campus, and make some of our own funny memories together.

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Greensboro newborn photographer | Gage

Gage arrived right on time, just a day past his due date, and boy, were we excited to meet him at seven days old! He and his parents have the honor of being our very first clients in the NEW STUDIO — but more on that at a later time. Let’s check out this handsome hunk. He slept perfectly for the entire session, minus a few diaper changes (those wipes are chilly!) with a few little breaks here and there to eat. Also, just look at that sweet newborn grin!


We chose the color palette of his newborn session to match Jessica’s maternity session, and even got dad in on the coordination action! Will and Jessica are a super-sweet couple, and are already great parents to this little guy. We share a lot of the same tastes in music, and little man got to hear a lot of tunes while he slept the day away.

Winston Salem newborn photographer | Anastasia

“You’ll know,” I said to her mama, when we were planning her newborn session, “within the first couple of days after her birth, you’ll know if she’s a sleepy baby, or a wakeful one.” And it’s true. We plan our newborn sessions between 5 and 10 days after a baby’s birth, so we can get the most sleepy, bendable, posable, content babies as possible. Some babies, like sweet Anastasia, just don’t love to sleep! She snoozed for maybe five minutes during her whole session, and was fairly content to lay down with her feet in the air and make silly baby faces at the camera. I don’t think I’ve ever met such a wide-awake little girl!

wide awake newborn

Luckily, we know how to photograph wakeful babes, too! Even at eight days old, Ana is fascinated by her parents — she thinks they are the most interesting, best people in her world. Luckily, they think she’s pretty awesome, too (as do we)!

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