Greensboro newborn photographer | Quinn

I am great at planning ahead. Any one of my close friends will tell you that as soon as we start talking about making plans, my calendar comes out. Seriously, I wouldn’t know what I’m doing without it. One of the things you can’t completely plan, though, is when a newborn will make her entrance into the world, no matter how far in advance you plan their newborn photo session… which is why it’s also great that I know how to roll with the punches — and so does this new family of three!

This beautiful baby girl arrived about five weeks earlier than we all planned, but perfectly healthy, to an ecstatic mom and dad. She was such a tiny little lady, at around five pounds, but so alert during her session! She was content to watch the world around her with wise little eyes.

When it came time to order wall art of Miss Quinn, I had the pleasure of meeting so many of her relatives — mom Lindsay and dad Clayton were there, of course, but also Quinn’s maternal grandmother, paternal grandmother, maternal great-grandfather, great aunt, and cousin! I absolutely love meeting the families of my teeny tiniest clients, because they are so proud of their babies that it fills the room. Plus, I was able to see how much Quinn had changed within the few weeks since her session. It is quite dramatic, how fast they grow, which makes preserving their tiny details all the more important.

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