Monday Madness

Sorry that all is quiet on the blogging front — Zach & I have been busy prepping for and photographing a wedding at this GORGEOUS location this past weekend! More on that (& a sneak peek for the beautiful couple) in a later post.











We are working hard to get caught up in time for the holidays. A ton of products are getting shipped this week to expectant clients. Keep an eye on your mailbox if you’re expecting something from us — it should be there soon! I have been so blessed to be super-busy this fall, but very happy to announce we’ll be taking a break from client sessions during the month of December to work on a super-awesome project for the very beginning on 2013. Any guesses as to what it might be? Make sure you “Like” our Facebook page (and add us to an interest list) to get the most up-to-date information — we’ll be having some sweet surprises for our clients in the next few months.


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